We here at Grace Baptist Church have a variety of ministries to be apart of.

Adult Ministry - Pastor Maddox

Teen Ministry - Pastor Bo Spriggs 

Music Ministry - Bo Spriggs

Kids Ministry - Heather Houle 

Adult Ministry 

Our Adult ministry is lead by Dr. Maddox.

Dr. Maddox inspires and preaches the Word  to our Adults every week and preaches the gospel to everyone that comes though the doors of Grace Baptist Church 

Teen Ministry 

Our teens is lead by Pastor Bo Spriggs. Pastor Bo has been a member of Grace for 18 years and has been the youth pastor for the last eight months and loves to share the gospel with as many teens he can.


Grace Christian Academy

Grace Christian Academy is a ministry of Grace Baptist Church. Grace Christian Academy was started in 2000 and now educates over 300 students from K5-12th grade. Click the logo to visit the school website.

Music Ministry 

Our Music Ministry is lead by Worship Leader Bo Spriggs.

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Grace Place Preschool 

Grace Place Preschool is a ministry of Grace Baptist Church. Grace Place preschool was started in 2000 and now educates 100 students from 6 weeks - K4

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